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Robin van Persie has signed contract with Juventus, says agent Fabio Parisi

Metro - Wantaway Arsenal forward Robin van Persie has signed a contract with Juventus, according to FIFA agent Fabio Parisi.

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crazyturkey3832d ago

It beats Selling to City again, I supposed.

PaPa-Slam3832d ago

I hope it true, Because the "Where is RVP Going" drama has gone long enough.

freeduck3831d ago

seems like every summer arsenal undergoes a tedious transfer saga

wantedboys3831d ago

Robin van Persie is staying with Arsenal

karim3831d ago

Didn't realize you're an ITK

freeduck3831d ago

"in the know" aka people that are believed to have inside info on transfers

freeduck3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

How many times have we seen a players agent claim information that ends up being false?
Agents that talk to media generally want to spark more interest on their players = more bids = more $$$ for the agent . It's ridiculous how much money they make in a transfer.

seanpitt233831d ago

well if i was him i wouldnt of gone to Juventus the only reason he is leaving arsenal is because he wants to win medals well i cannot see that happening with juventus.

ProjectVulcan3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

Lol wut? Juventus are Italian champs and coppa italia runners up. Much better chance of him winning something at Juventus than Arsenal who have been hopeless and haven't won a sausage in 7 years...

They have a third of the Italian squad who performed impressively at the Euros..

asmith23063830d ago

Haha yeah right, the only unbeaten league team in Europe last season was Juve. They lost one game and that was the Italian Cup final. Juve are back, Forza Juve!

TheBlackSmoke3830d ago

Yeh but the point is the premier league and the spanish league are way more desirable to play in.

Serie A is not on the same level and Juventus would struggle to even get top 4 in the prem, something which Arsenal can do consistently.

If RVP wants to lower his standards and collect money, there are many other options for him.

ProjectVulcan3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

Seria A has less strength than the Premier League right now but that doesn't stop Juventus from being a better side than Arsenal...It also means he would win something with Juventus.

Milan beat Arsenal and reached the last 8 of the champions league last year, and Juventus are undoubtably a better side.

Infernostew3830d ago

If I were RVP I'd not want to go to Juve... especially with a current match fixing scandal investigation. Last time they got booted down to Serie B.

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