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How Olympic football affects the World Cup

BBC - Olympic football may not be the main event of the Olympic Games but those teams taking part have an excellent opportunity to try things out as they prepare for the next World Cup.

This has rarely been clearer than at Old Trafford on Sunday, when 2014 hosts Brazil were confronted with a problem they will surely meet time and time again in two years' time. Opponents Belarus put 10 men behind the ball and looked to frustrate them, forcing them to pass sideways, hoping that Brazilian frustration would lead to error and then launching the counter-attack.

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-Mezzo-3581d ago

No matter how popular Olympic Football gets, the World Cup & Even Euro Cup will always be more popular.

buddymagoo3581d ago

A Gold medal is very special though no matter what sport.

To say you are an Olympic gold medallist translates all across the world.

-Mezzo-3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

I can never deny that, Olympic Gold Medal is definitely a big deal, but i still think the Olympic Football can't cross the regular International tournaments or League's.

buddymagoo3581d ago

I think Olympic football has suffered over the years because us English shun it so much and I hope that changes.

I think we did mainly because we were not able to take part.

PaPa-Slam3581d ago

Completely agree with you. League's & World Cup will be unaffected by it's popularity.

-Mezzo-3581d ago

*Double Comment* Sorry.