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London 2012: Luis Suárez criticises fans after Team GB play Uruguay

Luis Suárez has angrily criticised the supporters who targeted him for sustained abuse during Great Britain's match against Uruguay, accusing them of a "total lack of respect".

Suárez also received the public backing of his Liverpool and Uruguay team-mate Sebastian Coates, who said the crowd had "gone too far" after another night when Suárez was repeatedly booed.

The jeering interrupted the playing of the Uruguay national anthem after Suárez was shown on the big screen and the striker hit out after a 1-0 defeat that meant his team were eliminated.

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freeduck3834d ago

Agreed. Total disrespect to boo and abuse when the Uruguayan anthem was playing. The olympic games are supposed to be friendly, peaceful and bring unity between nations not hostility.

Luis has to put up with a lot of crap, but as they always say haters gon hate

buddymagoo3833d ago

He's just not a likeable character.

Corepred43833d ago

Most of the time, neither are you. =)