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Arsenal to Sell Five as Arsene Wenger Looks to Fund Further Summer Additions

Caught Offside - Emirates Stadium boss continues clear-out.

Arsene Wenger is ready to push on with efforts to offload a number of his Emirates Stadium squad to help finance further moves in the summer transfer market with the arrivals of both Santi Cazorla and Nuri Sahin, from Malaga and Real Madrid respectively, set to be completed in the next few days.

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pompombrum3835d ago

What happened to all of the funds from the Fabregas and Nasri sales? It's funny how the chairman keeps saying they can't compete in the transfer market despite the fact they are one of the highest earning clubs in the world.. add the fact that they had a good 50m in sales most of which largely went unspent and now they need to sell further to make room for transfers? Something clearly isn't adding up here.

crazyturkey3835d ago

apparently most of the money goes to pay for the Emirates stadium. whats left is divided between the owner, board,etc. A tiny bit goes to player wages and maybe some is left over for new signings, if not they sell players that we the fans/supporters love.

pompombrum3835d ago

I thought they had finished off paying for the stadium.

crazyturkey3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

no, they still have a few years to go, the only thing I can think of is that they paid in full the redevelopment of the old highbury stadium land, but the stadium is not paid yet. Maybe Kroenke can ask his wife to help him strike a mega deal with Wal-mart to sponsor Arsenal. That could add more revenue to pay faster.