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Ronaldo: Penalties are all about luck

The Portugal international did not have much fortune from six yards out in the 2011-12 campaign, as he believes spot kicks are a lottery rather than a skill

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wantedboys3575d ago

luck play a big part in Penalties

freeduck3574d ago

Part luck, because even the best penalty takers choke when it matters

Kos-Mos3574d ago

There`s no such thing as luck unless you are religious.

Corepred43574d ago

What?! lmao if you are religious there should be no such thing as luck. How lost are you, man?

Kos-Mos3574d ago

Ok wiseman. Explain luck then. And please don`t use teenager language.

Corepred43573d ago

I'm atheist too, but as far as I know if you are religious, say christian, then you would not believe in luck because everything happens in god's plan. Don't need to be a wise man to know that, just competent.

HxCGamer3574d ago

because luck would give away a possibility of an external powerful force aside from god.

Corepred is right! and me... I am an atheist lol

360ICE3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

Luck or fortunity is good fortune which occurs beyond one's control, without regard to one's will, intention, or desired result.

There, would have taken you five seconds to check. But don't take every dictionary in the world's word for it; super famous and awesome atheist Sam Harris agrees.

And, yeah, most major religions to some extent claim that there is some divine will and in fact no such thing as luck.

Kos-Mos3573d ago

Ok, can you clarify what you mean by beyond one`s control? Surely if you shoot the ball and miss it`s under your control. Is the other team lucky because they can`t control the persons shot? But if he scored? Is it luck? He controlled it.
And what drives luck? Coincidence? Why not call it coincidence? Even that would be wrong since you have somewhat control over the situation. Luck is a term teenager-minds use to explain something they cannot explain.
Give me another dictionary.

360ICE3573d ago

@Reply to your comment below

No, that's not really right, but luck does have to be isolated from other factors and can indeed be reduced by stating all the things that could have been done, or could have been known. Even something as seemingly random as the lottery COULD come down to sheer physics if you knew everything about all that influences the outcome of the lottery. However, even if we live in a world where predicting everything is possible by cause and effect we still don't have the ability to acquire all information or influence every outcome. Hence, there must be instances in which we rely on luck.

Now, if we examine it from a determinist point of view, one could argue that it's not luck - it's determined. But what is determined for you without you having an input on it surely must be defined as luck on your behalf (YOU can't affect where you're born). So in determinism - where everything is determined - luck has EVERYTHING to say, including every aspect in your life that otherwise would be charictarized as skill or ability.

In an indetermined world view absolute prediction of cause and effect is impossible, and how these unpredictable events affect you must be categorised as luck.

That is why luck exists not only in most major atheist world views, but every damn one of them. Even if you add or take away elements such as determinism, quantum indeterminism or free will.

360ICE3572d ago

...Unfortunately I replied to reply to my own comment instead of yours... so this is just a notification that I wrote an incredibly long and annoying comment below.

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