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Highlights: PSG (1)2-2(4) Barcelona [FT-Pens](Pre-Season Friendly - 04/08/12)

07' 0-1 Rafinha
53' 0-2 L. Messi(pen)
60' 1-2 Z. Ibrahimovic(pen)
82' 2-2 Z. Camara

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wantedboys3583d ago

even in friendly matches they cheat !!!!!

Nes_Daze3583d ago

If you watched the game, it was raining, when Sanchez was sprinting and went to shake off the defender, he fell of course, nobody touched him, but I didn't see him ask for the penalty, he just sat on the ground like nothing. Blame the ref for the call, not the player who fell because he tried to shake off a defender on wet grass.

Nice try though..

buddymagoo3583d ago

Shocking but this is Barcelona's culture. This clearly shows him diving in the friendly.

Nice try though nes.

Nes_Daze3583d ago

@buddymagoo, I would think that he would raise his hand if he was diving to get the refs attention, I didn't pay that much close attention to the replay, I've always seen Sanchez get brought down hard by defenders without diving.

I wasn't trying to do anything but express my opinion, you on the other hand, are trying to bring down a team based on a dive. It's all little childish hate.

RGB3583d ago

Classic Barca, on the ground more than on the feet when they can smell defeat. They could learn something from Messi you know Nes_Daze.

FlunkinMonkey3582d ago

No offense dude, but wot u smokin there?? there was no slip at all!!

Sachez is renouwnd for spending more time dry humping the floor then actually playing.

At a friendly 1-0 up.. disgusting.

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ElliottHolland3583d ago

Alexis Sanchez is a diving prick if you ask me. Three players in the world I absolutely despise and two are from Barca: Alexis Sanchez, and Sergio Busquets.

BelieveinGhosts3582d ago

Success breeds contempt so keep quiet

Kos-Mos3582d ago

Dogs on a cheating spree.