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Harry: Modric was told he could leave

Former Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Redknapp is of the belief that Luka Modric will not be a Spurs player come the start of the season, despite negotiations with Real Madrid having reached an impasse.

Modric, 26, is eager to seal a summer move away from Tottenham, but so far the favourites for his signature, Real Madrid, have failed to reach his club's £40 million valuation of the playmaker.

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freeduck3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

"The club would be happy to sell if they get the right money. The chairman (Daniel Levy) said to him last year 'Give us one more season and if Real come in, I won't stand in your way'."

Says it all, really. Modric must be fuming

I believe it too since it's coming out of Harry's mouth

imtiyaz63572d ago

40 million for him? he's good but no way is he 40 million pounds good. Real bought Zidane for just 6 million pounds more. It's ridiculous how the prices for players have increased. Spending 40 million+ for unproven players like Hazard has become a thing of the norm these days.

KingPin3572d ago

the prices nowadays are just plain ridiculous when it comes to some players.

i think since Ronaldo was bought for 80 million, all these clubs have this thing where they think just coz a player is the best player in their club they can and should get any price they put him at. the main difference is that Ronaldo showed his worth.

the funny thing is clubs like city, PSG and that russian club will actually spend that type of money. this is why players prices wont go down.

imtiyaz63572d ago

Exactly, Ronaldo was actually the Ballon d'Or holder when Madrid bought him.

silvacrest3572d ago

i heard marin and hazard combined cost £40 mil, where did you get your numbers from?

imtiyaz63572d ago My bad, I should have mentioned euros(Although, there's not much difference)

BelieveinGhosts3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

Sports stars are treated quite badly in many football clubs.

When you want to leave, you have to struggle before you are allowed.

But the clubs can ship you off at any time they want.

Very unfair

chrisarsenalsavart3572d ago

damn right he,s not worth £40 million. last year alone Song made 14 assists when Modric only made 5 . So much for great vision of the game.Lol

wantedboys3572d ago

real Madrid will never pay 40 for him