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Who is football's fastest sprinter?

It’s worth noting that most football speed studies should be taken with a pinch of salt; most are commissioned by sponsors like Nike looking to showcase the best talent in their stable, while others use different formulas to get to their results – meaning the results are inconsistent to say the least.

However two studies in recent years have the backing of OptaSports, the leader in football statistics and analysis so we can presume some level of legitimacy – although the results may leave you a little surprised.

What won’t leave you surprised is that of the three studies used to compile the list below, each one backed by a particular sponsor, has their own man at the top.

The results below are based on top speed achieved by players rather than their highest average speed or their 100 metres time, with the results coming courtesy of three separate studies.

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freeduck3835d ago

lol @ Carroll faster than Ronaldo

Corepred43833d ago

Yeah this list is, lol.

Kur03833d ago

Why are all the players from English Premier league? I call bullshit.

arnyftw3833d ago

Are you trolling or serious? More than half the players on that list are from EPL.

Kur03833d ago

Can you read? What the heck did I just type?

Ranma13832d ago

Guy was sniffing his mama's ass when he made this list.

How can all the words fastest players be in premier league?

KonohagakureFC3833d ago

I'd say it's Obafemi Martins

BelieveinGhosts3833d ago

messi, jordi alba, MLS players, South america league players and african players are all missing

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The story is too old to be commented.