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Highlights: Manchester United 0 – 0 Barcelona (Club Friendly -- 08/08/2012)

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-Mezzo-3168d ago

Alright, this wasn't fun.

buddymagoo3168d ago

One thing is for sure, it was a good work out for both teams. A bit boring though.

-Mezzo-3168d ago

Bubbled Up.

Yes, while this was boring (just As You Said), this tough competition will definitely help them during the Big Season ahead.

Nes_Daze3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

Decent win for Barca in penalties, and Crap! Pinto is on a roll this pre season, I think Barca's offensive plays against United were entertaining in the first half, nani's fall was so exaggerated, Valdes did the penalty justice. Second half the game slowed down quite a bit. All in all good game by both teams, and Scholes and Iniesta did very well.

buddymagoo3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

What you mean like this??? At least the man touched Nani.

KingPin3168d ago

its bullshit like this that makes me want technology more in football than just goal-line tech.

they should review penalty decisions too and if he is caught diving, like in this case, give the idiot a red card with 2 match ban.

Nes_Daze3168d ago

Skimmed him, and with his thigh, yet nani was on the floor in what looked like a great deal of pain. As for your video, I have to wonder if you'll keep putting it up every time I speak of somebody else diving or acting, because, you'll be doing it often, football players dive, offend each other, make horrible tackles, etc. That being said, I have nothing against Nani, he's still an awesome player imo.

buddymagoo3168d ago

Nani's standing leg was bundled into where as no contact was made with Sanchez. I fail to see your point.

Nes_Daze3167d ago

Point is nani still exaggerated the "foul" if you can even call it that, and I too can put up a video of him diving, but I simply won't lose my time doing that.

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zeddy3167d ago

barcelona set the standard for cheating. busquets, alves, sanchez, puyol, pinto i'm sure i've missed a few.

Sahil3167d ago

messi, pique, villa, valdes, pedro, xavi, iniesta, alba too and guardiola used to dive when he was the manager, everyone cheats in their team, they win stuff every year by cheating.

Kinect3167d ago

@ sahil
really bitch ¿

imtiyaz63167d ago

@Kinect Can't detect sarcasm?

Gamer19823167d ago

United players diving? Really? NEVER! LOL Ashley Young was massively criticised for it last season and united won vital points to come neck and neck with city until the last day thanks to this tactic. You can't teach an old bunch of dogs new tricks it seems but in a friendly? That's low.. I guess they really wanted to try and prove something..

wantedboys3168d ago

i did no watch the game but i show the highlights

why did they play penalties?

why they only play 2 penalties each?

Infernostew3168d ago

I hate how I miss all these preseason matches because of work. I heard De Gae was a beast though. Need to watch the highlights.

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The story is too old to be commented.