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Lucas Moura had agreed Manchester United deal, claims agent

The Sao Paulo forward has opted to join PSG after being persuaded by sporting director Leonardo but came close to signing for the Red Devils according to his representative

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karim3566d ago

Could have been a coup for them, shame about the fee

Gamer19823566d ago

I think this is BS as a kinda sorry to cheer up utd fans. As they can no longer compete in the transfer market. PSG have a history but they are not a big team yet manage to blow utd out the water for the player. Look at years ago when utd was paying silly money for players like Rooney. Now they can no longer afford it and it's all there for people to see it's just the fans deny it and Fergie lies about it.

buddymagoo3566d ago

So by this statement I assume you think he was worth 45m?

Don't let your agenda get in the way of reality. He was worth 25m we were going to overpaying by offering 30m. It would have been nice to have him at United but not for anything over 30m which is obviously what Sir Alex thought.

Your small club mentality is showing again. You don't need to buy the most expensive players to win trophies as we have proven in the past an will continue to prove.

KingPin3565d ago

compete in the transfer market...

is that what you call over spending for mediocre players?

we bought CR7 who is probably one of the best players on the planet and didnt pay 40 million for him. does moura look like he will ever be considered the best in the world for his so 40 million is waaaayyy to much.

maybe to clubs like city and chelsea whose heart burns to see united win year after year its a price they willing to pay. but when you know you getting ripped off like SAF does he doesnt buy.

he spent crazy money on rooney coz he is the best player england has. End of story. and at the moment, rooney is a key man at united. you can actually see a big difference in the team when he plays and when he doesnt.

karim3565d ago

@KingPin "does moura look like he will ever be considered the best in the world for his" Was Cristiano Ronaldo was EVER considered to be the one of the best players in the planet? No, no one ever had an idea he will become one, not even united fans. Why prejudice on another kid then? + Berbatov for 32M Pound, Anderson, Rio & co? That's big spending, no? Don't be a hypocrite mate.

oli3565d ago

If this is what this guy is worth, than how much is Peralta, Giovani, Enriquez, or Fabian worth?

Hey European clubs, Brazil and Argentina are not the only place where quality players can be found in the Americas.