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Rooney: RVP would be 'great addition'

Manchester United forward Wayne Rooney believes that Robin van Persie would be a "great addition to the squad" if a deal can be reached this summer.

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karim3832d ago

Of course he would be, for any team.


I know Van Persie is a great striker but is it really necessary to fork out £20m+ for a 29 year old who is still injury prone? And lets be honest the chances of Arsenal selling their best player to their arch rivals are slim, no wonder its taking so long, their probably desperately waiting for any other club to come in with a bid.

buddymagoo3832d ago

I think so yes, we would recoup a lot of money in world wide shirt sales and he would also potentially help the development of our young strikers.

The idea of having Rooney-Van Persie up front is an exciting prospect. Then we could rest them and use Wellbeck and Chicha it would be like 98/99 all over again!

Gamer19823831d ago

I agree about the price its silly also will he really go there? We have seen utd beaten twice already in the window for players and Juve are still interested in Van Persie. I still see him going there personally. as for 98/99 don't make me laugh you will never get a team as great as that again. Utds youngsters are noway near that level right now and there academy doesn't seem to be pumping out anything either unlike Arsenals and Citys.

buddymagoo3831d ago

Really!? Oh, okay.

See, the way I've seen it is, City have had one decent player break out the Academy in 10 years and he has had to sit on the bench and Arsenal have been preaching about their kids for 7 years now and have won nothing.

Meanwhile United have brought through Evans who is now a regular Wellbeck who is now an international and Cleverley who represented GB at the Olympics and was one of the better players in the team.

The we have Jesse Lingard coming through who is a silky smooth player, Scott Wootton who is a monster at the back and the Keane brothers who have shown immense talent.

Jog on with your nonsense.