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Is Robin Van Persie the New Fernando Torres?

BR - Manchester United need to be very careful about how they pursue a deal for Robin van Persie, otherwise it could come back to haunt them.

It seems strange, really, to consider the transfer of one of the world's best players last season and certainly the English Premier League's best striker last season as a potential transfer bust, but the simple truth is that Robin van Persie could well be exactly that.

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freeduck3834d ago

Will be interesting to see where he ends up going. I hope he doesn't go to Utd and ends up going to a club like Juventus or something

karim3834d ago

Juventus suits him more IMO, and the fans will feel less betrayed if he goes abroad

buddymagoo3834d ago

No way will he go to juventus after their manger has been banned for 10 months and din't someone in his camp tweet about that not being a good advert for juve?