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3 Reasons Cristiano Ronaldo Can Outshine Lionel Messi in La Liga Next Season

BR - Messi vs. Ronaldo. Who is the best player of this generation?

It's the debate that divides fans the world over.

There are countless fans on both sides of the argument, many who cannot even acknowledge the undeniable talent of one player because of their devotion to another.

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karim3565d ago

He can outshine him, he's one consistent player + IMO, Barcelona would be weaker without Pep

Steve0073565d ago

He's good but outshining Messi is a huge feat & he just might fail to do so.

Anderson83564d ago

i dunno.. he's done it before on a few occasions so he could do it again.. madrid would have to win the league or cl tho

Dakidog3565d ago

Probably all he has to do is win Laliga and if he improves his #'s again(like has each season at Madrid so far) then I can't see why not.