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Official: Liverpool sign Joe Allen

Liverpool have completed the signing of Swansea's Wales international midfielder Joe Allen.

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freeduck3699d ago

Welcome to Anfield
Him and Lucas together = boss

Gamer19823699d ago

A poor mans Stephen Gerrad AT his current age. Hell hes not better than Gerrard is right now and won't probably ever be.

freeduck3698d ago

No one said he was supposed to replace or be another Steven Gerrard, they have different playing styles

freeduck3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

Doesn't matter to me, as long as Brendan gets the players that suit his style of football. We already released a number of players that are high on the wage bills, and Allen will not be on high wages compared to other clubs so the transfer fee will look marginal in the long run.

Wasn't United planning to sign a Brazilian teenager for an obscene amount?

ProjectVulcan3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

It should matter because Liverpool have overpaid for yet another average British player. He isn't worth a penny over 10m and that is generous.

Lucas Moura = potential to be the best AM on the planet. Joe Allen = probably won't even be the best Welsh player on the planet. Says it all really.

freeduck3698d ago

United signed Young for the same price with 1 year left on his contract, and he has hardly lived up to all the hype. Allen on the other hand had a contract till 2016 which explains the transfer fee.

Key word is potential, Moura is too young, unproven at the high level, and let's not kid ourselves he should be nowhere near the transfer fee Utd wanted to pay for him.
At least we know Allen can play in the EPL
I read an article by OptaStats on Allen compared to similar midfielders like Yaya Toure, Cabaye, Ramires, Scholes and Modric and I'm pretty impressed by what I saw. Obviously stats aren't the whole story but Rodgers knows how talented he is and he'll bring a lot to the squad

"He's incredible on the ball. His body work and intelligence for a 22-year-old is frightening.

"You will see when he comes into this team the difference he can make. His game understanding is very good, and he is in love with the football.

"He wants the ball all the time, and he has so much courage to get on the ball and play. I think he will fit in really well with all the other clever players we have at the club."

I trust him and I'm not too worried with the transfer fee since he's one for the future.

ProjectVulcan3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

Didn't Young get 8 assists and score 8 goals from out on the wing in his first season for United, including pretty important ones like the crucial ones against Spurs?

You paid 20m for Downing (considerably more than Young) who has been utterly useless and now 15 for this guy who is not worth 15m in a trillion years. You always overpay. You paid more for Aquilani than United did for Valencia! One Liverpool fan turned to me after his dismal season and Valencia's success and claimed it was because Valencia and I quote "Probably didn't have to move house but Aquilani did" LOL

Moura is a frickin Brazilian international for god's sake with 15 caps and he has just turned 20....It is laughable when people say he is unproven at the highest level. I would have Moura for 30m over Allen for 15 in a heartbeart. Its a total no brainer if you see them both play because Moura is already twice the player despite being younger.

In short, whether you like it or not Allen is another overpriced British player and Liverpool have been suckered into buying. No wonder some clubs are trying to avoid buying British because of inflated prices, the fee Rodwell has gone for is HILARIOUS.

In 12 months you'll be moaning about him and his price and Rodger's job could be on a knife edge again. You'll see. I was right about the Carroll signing, I was right about the Downing signing and I was right about the Adam signing. I'm three for three and i fancy my chances here too.

Liverpool have to sign BETTER players than they already have to get better. Not ones that are no better and don't look like they ever will be