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Women's football an Olympic triumph

If the emotional state of the players reflected the quality of a tournament then women's football at the Olympics was right up there.

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Alexvizzio3700d ago

Why do you keep talking about this undeserved U.S Women´s team victory? THE REFS HELPED THEM ALL THE WAY THROUGH!!!! Why is it that, only everyone outside the United States saw it but "americans" didn´t ? Hey! It´s not hate towards them, the gals are great players. It´s anger over this blatant injustice committed by the judges against Canada and Japan. Maybe the U.S. team´s sponsors were going to lose loads of cash had the U.S. lost.
I´m sure the U.S. could have won anyway but...not like this.

Dakidog3699d ago

Oh stop crying! We see fuck ups in every league every year...refs fuck up...end of the story. It's a part of football, it has always been and will always be. Why the surprise and outrage...just because it's team USA? In the end they won it...the refs didn't put the goals in the back of the net for kindly just let it go.