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Eric Gomez: Neymar's first step to greatness starts with Olympic gold

Goal: The Brazilian star's popularity has skyrocketed since bursting onto the scene with Santos, but discussions placing him in Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo's level are still premature.

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Nes_Daze3697d ago

he was outshined by Oribe Peralta, yet he is compared to Messi and Ronaldo....-_-

buddymagoo3697d ago

He had a really off game today.

KingPin3697d ago

the entire Brazilian team had an off day.

sleeping from the start. only realized they playing the finals as in the 85th minute.

well played to mexico though. they fully deserved it on the day that it mattered.

as for neymar, his a kid, give the guy a chance. wait till he matures and improves his game.

Anderson83696d ago

people assume he'll be amazing but robinho had the same billing and hype and never really delivered.. his career could go both ways but even if he fulfils his potential i dont see him being in the ronaldo messi bracket