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Highlights: Brazil U23 1 – 2 Mexico U23 (Summer Olympic -- 11/08/2012)

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O. Peralta 1′

O. Peralta 75′

90+1′ Hulk

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-Mezzo-3706d ago

Talk about an extremely unpredictable result.

Nes_Daze3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

Unpredictable? Nah, Mexico have done this before, and have more chemistry than this Brazilian team. Once again, just as I imagined, Neymar was nowhere to be seen up front because as a TEAM they don't really connect well. Rafael made a costly error, guess there wasn't any communication back there, and got into an argument in the second half with a fellow teammate.

Hulk should've been a starter, they should've pressured Mexico from the start, since they have proven(Brazil) that they just can't handle the ball well in the midfielder, and that their defenders are often caught off gaurd, not to mention..the crappy goalkeeper.

-Mezzo-3706d ago

Maybe it was unpredictable for me because i don't follow Football as closely as you guys, though i really should.

doncorleone3706d ago

Yep, Hulk is in my opinion the best attacking player Brazil had in this competition.

Nes_Daze3706d ago

It's worth nothing, that the ref's "mistake" on Marcelo's foul, led to Mexico's second goal.

Anyway, sad to see Brazil go down like this. They learned nothing from their past two previous friendlies. They need to be on the offensive from the beginning of the game, Hulk needed to start, Neymar once again sent the ball into the stands when he had an opportunity, and Oscar, that last header was nowhere near the net and he was practically unmarked. *sigh* Such a disappointment..

oli3706d ago

If you didn't know, Mexico has beaten Brazil in finals, be it Gold Cup, Confederations, or even the U-17 final in 2005 (Which is pretty much the same team that beat them again). I never underestimate Brazil, but this result goes to show once more that there is more football in the Americas, not just Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay.

Nes_Daze3706d ago

Yes I knew, which is another reason why I'm not surprised that Mexico won, it's just disappointing to see Brazil not learn from previous games. As for football growing in the Americas, it was seen in the last Copa America, teams like Ecuador, Venezuela, Paraguay, etc. were giving Brazil and Argentina a tough time.

Knight_Crawler3706d ago

Where were you when the Ref was calling in favor Brazil vs Honduras?

Its called suck it up and play footbal.

Nes_Daze3706d ago

Couldn't watch that match unfortunately, but I would've said the same thing, and that's why I said it "led" to, because even with the call, Brazil's defense should've marked peralta.

buddymagoo3706d ago

Lucas was only 3rd choice right midfield!? I'm glad we didn't sign him.

Mexico deserved the win, they worked hard together as a team.

Qrphe3706d ago

I bet a dollar to my little sister Mexico wouldnt win
Sin embargo felicidades a todos!