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Highlights: Chelsea 2-3 Manchester City (Community Shield - 12/08/12)

1-0 F. Torres (40')
1-1 Y. Toure (53')
1-2 C. Tevez (59')
1-3 S. Nasri (65')
2-3 R. Bertrand (79')

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no_more_heroes3705d ago

So this edition of the Oil Firm Derby goes to City...

I only saw the second half of this match so I didn't know Chelsea were down to 10 men. It wasn't bad, but it was not the most exciting 3-2 game I've ever seen. Should be expected though, form and momentum hasn't quite been built up yet.

Blackdeath_6633705d ago

"it was not the most exciting 3-2 game I've ever seen" there is never and exciting game when Chelsea are involved.

silvacrest3705d ago

oh shut it, the last season alone was a hell of a ride :)

karim3705d ago

The game was even until that red card, Torres was excellent in the first half, great finish, movement, threatening the City defence everytime he touched the ball. We only woke up when Ryan scored that tap in, good late fight.

Gamer19823705d ago

EVEN? Biased to the hilt mate. Chelsea were constantly in there own half unless on the break. City dominated most of the game and bossed them around and when they were down there subs showed there lack of depth.

karim3705d ago

We scored, we attacked, we defended. City had most of the ball, they weren't dominating us, we were tactically great..until Iva got sent off.

buddymagoo3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

City struggled until Chelsea went down to 10 men. Then they started to play well even though Chelsea still was able to break from time to time.

And City just kept passing backwards and sidewards and wasting time in a charity shield game.

FlunkinMonkey3705d ago

Yea, talk about bein biased mate..

Ivanovic was so stupid to double slide, completely ruined Chelsea as they were left with a make shift right back.

I rarely dislike teams in the premiership, but i cannot stand Mancini or that arrogant dingleberry Nasri.

I wish Di Matteo good luck, cos he'll have one impatient Russian blowin smoke up his A hole in no time..

b163o13705d ago

Chelsea looked weak even with Torres, If your he's your answer to drogba's exit I feel for you lol. City had the advantage in the 1st, chelsea played a good pass to Torres in the box, and he came thru(He usually doesn't lol). After they went down to 10, I knew it was over.


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HxCGamer3705d ago

Ivanovic getting sent off was key for this man city win.

Entertaining none the less. Love seeing torres score!

Gamer19823705d ago

Not really City dominated the match and Chelsea only scored on teh break. They played just like they did in the CL the played ultra defensive and hit on the break. It was poor to watch and city were looking strong in time for the start of the season.

City started with only half there first team and Pantillamon should have done better for the first goal and the second... well.. That's speaks for itself. If Joe Hart was playing the game would have been a shut out sending off or not.


Oh just admit it, the sending off helped.

stockmancity3705d ago

Chelsea were able to start a stronger starting 11 especially in defense. Lescott, Richards, and Hart didn't play. Clichy and Silva came in near the end. I would've been nice to see a full strength match without that red card. I'm sure we'll see a good one this year between these two clubs.

slayernz3705d ago

only watched the highlights, but Terry looked at fault for two goals, poor clearance and then tevez got around him way too easily

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