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Signing Nuri Sahin Would Be Great Ending to Summer

BR - The boys of Anfield are set to have a much better season in 2012-13 after the summer they've had, but acquiring Nuri Sahin from Real Madrid would put the exclamation point on a great transfer window.

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freeduck3832d ago

Mark my word, Sahin will go to Liverpool.

Macca: "Sahin is very close to signing.."

This guy (ITK) has been spot on for so many transfers at Liverpool, and calls them out before any media outlet begins reporting


crazyturkey3831d ago

If true I will be disappointed that Arsenal could not finish the deal. I would have thought that he would choose Arsenal over Liverpool because of the CL games.

freeduck3831d ago

Arsenal are in the CL, yes, but their presence in it is overrated since they never get that far into the competition. Not to mention that Arsenal have quite a trophy drought.

Gamer19823831d ago

Arsenal have quite a trophy drought? And what a league cup in the last 7 years is a massive haul right?

krazykombatant3831d ago

Extremely dissappointed that he won't be staying at RM. But does that mean kaka gets to stay? If kaka had to go I would have kept sahin.

Gamer19823831d ago

Jose said he can go and I think he has his heart settled on a return to AC Milan. RM has plenty of depth though to make up for it and Modric coming in will help.