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What's Next for Brazil After Gold-Medal Match Failure?

BR - When the final whistle blew on the 2012 Olympic football tournament, Brazil's future suddenly became a bit murky.

With a squad that had all the dazzle of a senior Brazil team but with the competition of an Under-23 tournament, anything less than a gold medal in London was bound to be viewed as a great disappointment. So when Oscar missed the final chance of the match and sent A Seleção to a 2-1 loss to Mexico and a silver medal, Brazil's failure was complete.

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ProjectVulcan3562d ago

What next? Simple. Host and win the world cup in 2014. Thats all that matters now.

TheFallenAngel3562d ago

Doubt it. They got Spain, Germany, Italy and now Mexico ahead.

ProjectVulcan3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

Howd you figure that????

Way i see it home advantage will be strong for the Brazilians in particular, all the country is talking about even now is the world cup coming.

You can never count Brazil out at a world cup. They will be a major force in 2014 for sure. The Olympics were a disappointment but so many of their young talents seen there will be a little older and wiser and integrate into the senior squad.

More experience and the taste of close defeat in such a tournament for some of the youngsters might just spur them on. 2 years and Neymar, Lucas, Rafael et al will be better and wiser players I suspect.

It is far too early to rule them out, with the potential they have around, not to mention the home crowd!

TheFallenAngel3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

I'm not counting them out. Its just that there will big teams ahead of Brazil. I know that being on their soil will help a lot but you can't deny that they are a weaker team now.

Hulk is the big star in Brazil and maybe neymar but look how many passes hulk gave and nobody did anything. Brazil still one of the best but not like they used to be. Mexico did a lot of damage to their ego and hopefully they humble up and become a better team. Also they need to work on their defense because they stink!

Nes_Daze3562d ago

The Brazil of now doesn't have enough chemistry. Neymar needs to get his ass to Europe to improve,and they WILL need a smart midfielder, nobody can fill Ronaldinho's shoes but there's serious communication problems within the midfield.

Being arrogant like they have been(coaches) will assure them an early exit from the next World Cup.