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The Bus has gone nowhere

Picture from Chelsea Vs Manchester City in Community Shield which Chelsea lost 3-2 in 90 Minutes. The Famous Chelsea Bus which was used by Chelsea in the

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freeduck3705d ago

RDM's tactics will only get him so far, I don't think he will last too long into the season

silvacrest3704d ago

lol...really, RDM must prove himself yet again? and straight after a meaningless community shield match?

and this coming from a liverpool fan no less.....what is going on???

hkgamer3704d ago

He will have to prove himself. Last season they had players who disliked the old manager but had a team that was still decent and pretty much from the mourinho era.
They had a big boost of confidence with the new manager coming in and played brilliantly throughout the rest of the season, but at the end of the day he is still an assistant manager and hasn't got the experience to run the club as a full time manager.
Let's just hope he actually has the skill to pull it off and be good enough to cause the teams in the top four to panic.
I am a Liverpool supporter BTW.

pompombrum3704d ago

Agreed, RDM has had rode his luck so much since joining.. the Barcelona and Bayern games were great examples of them getting lucky.

Also just have to look at their goals against City, while they had a few half chances, they had two good chances and scored both. On so many other days in games like that, they wouldn't score at all. Same with the Barcelona and Bayern games, took their only major chances.

buddymagoo3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

To be fair this was the second half with 10 men. We tried to win the game (1-6 game at OT) with 10 men against City and got battered. It is the only option to play defensively when you have a man missing.

Edit: Yokan you misunderstood because I didn't explain myself clearly enough, which I have now fixed.

Yokan3705d ago

We? I thought you were a ManU fan? Hmph.

AcceptedWalnut3705d ago

We also tried to win the game when you were 3-0 up in the FA Cup game whilst we had 10 men. We almost managed to get it back to 3-3, whats your point?

Obviously the sending off helped as we could easily stretch them and exploit the gaps but we looked the better team all game anyway. The goals we conceded were poor and against the run of play.

UsM3705d ago

Man City is better than Chelsea... nice post good read..

silvacrest3705d ago

useless article

we were down to 10 men pretty early, what were we supposed to do??

and this is not an indication of things to come, you dont buy 3 attacking mid fielders/ play makers to park the bus

Gamer19823705d ago

Chelsea parked the bus from the first whistle. City dominated and the problem it seems is RDM is a 1 trick pony with Chelsea he has attacking players like Hazard now but still plays the same. I cannot see Chelsea fighting for the title this season with him in charge. He lucked his way past Barca with that tactic but it didn't work against City. He had 10 men against Barca remember and did it. City came back against united being 3-0 down last season to 3-2 sure its not a win but it proves 10 men isn't that much of a hindrance if you have great players. City didn't park the bus against United and Chelsea didn't have to against City.

silvacrest3705d ago

damn....we all heard the same hate/doubt talk last season so just give it a rest, RDM proved him self time and time again

and all this coming from a city fan is really rich, your transition period lasted quite a while, chelseas has just begun

and boasting about a 2-3 almost come back because of play style is ridiculous because chelsea got the same result

3bodim873705d ago

all teams do that .. if you just search and look at matches you will see every team in any tough game will make the same strategy , here is a pic for example for Man city in the EPL
I’ve just searched for 5 minutes on the net so the examples are huge . and I'm ASKING you all to focus when you watch a game and you will find that every team will do the same . I don't know why some people just focus on Chelsea but I guess it happened after Chelsea knocked them off in the champions league .

Gamer19823705d ago

Wow you pointed that out and its not even an example of parking the bus. It's an example of ZONAL MARKING. Learn the freaking difference. Chelsea were taking a penalty there and look how many players were forward for the penalty 5 (including the taker). 1 in the box Which shows Chelsea had another 5 in there own area defending against 2 city players. So who was parking the bus?? Chelsea of course as City were defending a corner whats Chelsea's excuse for having 5 men in there own half when 8 city players were in citys half?

3bodim873704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

You better go and watch Rugby instead of football if you call that a zonal marking ,sir . In the picture above we see 7 Man city players attacking ?! As a person who interested in football and know it how many players do you need to defend that situation ? 3 or 4 XD ! sorry but your comment is completely full of failure . By the way both pictures were Identical . not a penalty or anything . do you think I'll put some random photo ? No no both were crosses from the side .. and if you notice in my picture there are only 4 attacking Chelsea's players against 8 from mancity , the picture above is 9 against 7 attackers situation , who has parked the bus now ?! go learn some basics please .. and as you see people if it's against Chelsea they say Bus parking , when it comes to others it's zonal marking .