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Still Assisted by Xavi

Lionel Messi the world’s best player who is famously known for assists by Xavi and Iniesta got drunk in a bar where Xavi helped him, so this was just another moment for meme makers to make another meme . Here it is.. MESSI DRUNK, STILL ASSISTED BY XAVI. P.s This is all Humor

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BelieveinGhosts3760d ago

Oh no, Messi how dare you. Hurry Up and get your act together before the Classico. Even though i think a drunk Messi would still be too much for Pepe/Ramos to handle.

Well, it shows even a Demi-God such as Messi can make mistakes

Nes_Daze3760d ago

Funny, but then I remember how sometimes messi makes assists too so it kills the joke...damn.

BelieveinGhosts3760d ago

you just couldnt resist Chameleon eyes :)

Nes_Daze3760d ago

resist what? lol, it's funny, but I'm just saying it would be even funnier if messi was just a pure striker and didn't do any assists. Not trying to be a smartass I swear lol.