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Commentary: Has Klinsmann already outsmarted Mexico?

MLS Soccer: Prognostication tends to be an unruly art when it comes to soccer matches, but the fortunes of the US men’s national team on Mexican soil present a very notable exception. With a dismal mark of 0-23-1 in Mexico, the Yanks are exceedingly, enduringly unsuccessful south of the Rio Grande.

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oli3694d ago

Mexico was a disgrace, our U23 could have done better. It's no wonder why Man. Untd. don't put in Chicharito.

Nes_Daze3694d ago

U.S. just defended very well, they frustrated Mexico, and their best chances at goal were cut by Howard. Klinsmann was smart in putting in Shea, he's fast and accurate in passing down the wing, and that's exactly what the U.S. needed to shock Mexico. You could say Oribe Peralta would've done better than Hernandez up front, but where were Dempsey and Altidore for the U.S.?