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Manchester United agree fee with Arsenal for Robin van Persie

The wantaway Arsenal striker finally gets his wish as he looks set to join Wayne Rooney and co at Old Trafford.

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freeduck3768d ago

Just wow

Arsenal.. why the hell would you sell to your rivals?

I don't think RVP will be able to replicate his form last season, Wenger formed a team around RVP that created for him many chances

no_more_heroes3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

Why keep someone who doesn't want to play for the club? His first great, injury free season out of eight and suddenly he's too big for us. That's not loyalty, that's a previous lack of options.

Oh well, he was a good employee last season, I hope the ones that are there now will do their jobs properly.

freeduck3768d ago

Yeah it was Wenger who had to put up with all his injuries. He was mediocre nearly every season except last, so Wenger must feel gutted

"Why keep someone who doesn't want to play for the club?"
Arsenal should sell him, but to a different league. Teams like Milan or Juventus would take him in a heartbeat.

buddymagoo3768d ago

With Nani, Kagawa, Scholes, Valencia and Rooney supplying him, my mouth is watering. Always been one of my favourite players and is a dream signing for me.

NewMonday3768d ago

20m for a 29 yr old with just one season on his contract, who will get a bigger wage for a contract exctention , for just 2-3 years of his prime, the same 2-3 years left for Firgi.

Old selfish red nose is just thinking about his legacy befor the glazers ruin the club completely

buddymagoo3768d ago

Funny people think Van Persie is not worth 20m. People have such short memories.

How can anyone say their team is not better for having Van Persie in it.

Showing yourselves up!

NewMonday3768d ago

News says the deal is 24m cash for Arsenal and 200k a week 4 year deal for vPersie, that is a total of about 66m for a player who will be 30 next year. With about 0 re-sell value who gets injured often

He will make the team better in the short term, but deeper debt problems

buddymagoo3767d ago

deeper debt problems!? Hahahaha

Uniteds debt problems are like having a 100k mortgage on a house that is worth 300k and easily making the payments. I think anyone would like to be in that position. Debt problems hahaha you boys listen to the propaganda too much some times.

As for Van Persie, I'm hearing 15m plus add ons and regardless of the price, a big chunk will be made back in shirt sales and winning trophies. As for being 29 he has only just turned 29 and he seems like one of those players that comes into their prime in their late 20's early 30's and who wouldn't want RVP and Rooney upfront as a striking partnership.

NewMonday3767d ago

MU fans are the first to care about the debt, it is a real problem that you will only feel in the coming years.

And the money should have been used on a CM player, Giggs and Scholes aren't getting younger, or an experienced defender to cover fore 34 yr Ferdenand or the injury prone Vidic, Phil and smiling still too young, don't see a problem with attack .

In the PL they will be as good as always , but still not good enough for the CL.

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Anderson83768d ago

to be honest arsenal have got the better end of the deal.. 20mil for an injury prone 29yr old is good money

i worry for arsenal now though.. they've sold their 3 best players now and may lose song also

zeddy3768d ago

rooney, rvp, welbeck, berba and chicharito not to mention angelo henriques, we're over loaded with strikers, fergie defo doesnt want to lose on goal difference again.

mcstorm3767d ago

I agree. I think RVP is the kind of player we need. I just feel sorry for berba Danny and Little P because if RVP and Rooney stay fit no one will get a look in.

If we don't sell berba by the start for the season ide like to see him play centre mid as his passing and 1st touch is world class and he could work well sat behind the front too.

Cant wait for the season to start and see untied bring back home the league. I still think we need a left back but apart from that im happy with the squad now and im sure SAF will make the team gel again.

freeduck3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

Let's remember this number


Blame the Arsenal board for changing his mind when he had talks with them at the end of the season.

guigsy3768d ago

This was before they sold Fabregas and Nasri without replacing them.


Would never have predicted this transfer in a million years.

Infernostew3768d ago

This transfer and Michael Owen a couple years ago are really shocking in retrospect. If you would've told me that we'd have signed both these players 5 years ago, I would've laughed it off as madness. I truly feel sorry for Arsenal supporters and I know how they feel as we went through the same thing with Ronaldo (although didn't sell him to a league rival) and Rooney's little saga a couple years ago. I'm excited to see what RVP can do for our attack but I really hope he isn't plagued with his usual injury problems and becomes another Hargreaves for us.

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The story is too old to be commented.