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Carlo Ancelotti: "Liverpool Fans Best in World Football"

Paris Saint-Germain coach Carlo Ancelotti has hailed Liverpool fans and believes the club has the best supporters in world football.

Ancelotti managed Chelsea between 2009 and 2010 and enjoyed a number of duels with Liverpool, including trips to the club’s famous Anfield ground.

The Italian has now spoken about the feeling of travelling to face the Merseyside giants and coming face to face with Liverpool’s famous support.

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freeduck3822d ago

Undoubtedly, present and past LFC players would agree as well

Yokan3821d ago

Yep best fans in the world, they even burn their former players #9 jersey for simply trying to move to a bigger club to be more successful. You can never beat them slum residing Liverpool fans.

bluegoblin3821d ago

You dont know shit about football if you think chelsea is a bigger club than liverpool.

and Manchester City is a bigger club than United right? what a joke

Kopite_20203821d ago

Yep, that's right, tar the lot with the same brush because it's just so much easier that way....

Minimox163821d ago

You Will Never Walk Alone!

Blackdeath_6633821d ago

with all due respect liverpool fans are terrible.

GanjaMan3821d ago ShowReplies(3)
Kopite_20203821d ago

I'd also like to point out the lack of booIng directed at any players or staff by Liverpool supporters throughout the years especially in the tough times we've recently had to endure. I find it shameful when large sections of the crowd attack their own team a la Arsenal last season (just one example).

ProjectVulcan3821d ago

Ermmm.....I think you are dreaming there.

Fair to say i heard a lot of this under Dalglish especially after games. Those pesky everton fans running in and getting shouted blue at after matches :D

OooHJohnny3821d ago

Poor Ancelotti, Paris has the worst fans in France.