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Highlights: England 2-1 Italy (International Friendly - 15/08/2012)

15′ Daniele De Rossi
28′ Phil Jagielka
80′ Jermain Defoe

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Corepred43703d ago

Waiting for someone to use this game to justify their FIFA ranking, lol.

FlunkinMonkey3703d ago

Ha, Every single English person i've seen has reacted like 'WTF' to the FIFA ranking actually, it's a joke.

England played well though.. It's good Johnson got 90 mins, cos he hardly seens anythin near that with City. He needs to learn to hold the ball up more.

Big shame most of our players aren't even 1st team players for their clubs, it's like they're comin off the bench to play for their country!

buddymagoo3703d ago

What do you mean it is perfectly justified! We have beaten all the best teams in friendlies like Spain and Italy. No one cares about World cups or the Euros, they are old news. Friendlies ftw!

*sarcasm detected*