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Premier League shuts down 30,000 illegal streams

The Premier League says it shut down more than 30,000 illegal internet streams of its television matches last season.

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freeduck3821d ago

That's because there are too many restrictions, and not enough affordable ways to watch ALL the games

jak3y13oy3821d ago

indeed! its annoying to see say Manchester United vs Arsenal on ESPN and cant watch unless i go on a stream!

oli3821d ago

It was annoying when Olympic Soccer was around. NBC has all the rights and they're analyzers suck, therefore when I would want to watch a good report on tv all they would show are pictures of the match.

ProjectVulcan3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

Sky alone realistically is at least 480 pounda a year for a new customer. ESPN is another tenner on top of that a month, so another 120 quid.

If you want HD then add another 120 quid a year. Total is over 700 quid a year for a new customer, which is actually the cost of a season ticket to one of the really big top flight clubs.

Frankly thats a lot of dosh for football on TV. You have to be fairly mad on football to buy it all up, justify it and quite well off, dispensible income at least.

Millions more might consider buying that sort of coverage if the price was halved, they probably wouldn't even lose that much money if they did that because of the amount of extra people they would attract.

The alternative is indeed to buy a channel for your own club that shows EVERY one of your team's games LIVE.

This is probably less practical though, because the biggest clubs will get all the money. As good as that would be for the consumer, it would probably end up destroying English football.

Gamer19823820d ago

I agree that's a lot and you don't get even half your teams matches. If they came up with a real alternative like pay per view matches at £10 a match or something I reckon people would pay. As long as they have every match. That would be £360 a year per team (less if you watch more actually as no need t pay twice) But instead they continue this silly idea of if they show all matches nobody would goto the game anymore. At £10 a ticket though they would easily make the money back and save a fortune on stadium renovations/cleaning etc..

The only downside would be atmosphere but lowering ticket prices would fix that and clubs would still make as much money. Everybodys a winner!

zeddy3821d ago

i would honestly pay to watch every united game online or even on mutv if they made it official. they cant show 3pm kick offs because apparently it would make people watch the games at home rather than going to the match, which is bullshit.

until then i will try and find a stream for games which arent on sky or espn because 10 minute highlights are nothing compared to watching it live.

johnsonbat3821d ago

I used to have sky but found I missed most matches live and ended up watching a lot of replays or highlight packages. Streaming has been the way since. I doubt they'll be able to shut down every site. Who has ever taken on the internet and won?

SJIND3821d ago

Get rid of sky/espn deals altogether. Stream games pay per view if you want. Get sensible levels of money back in the game and it will increase competition.

Gamer19823820d ago

Exactly its the way forward and would make a lot more money. The problem is there are a LOT of streamers who would go legit if they got to see every match in HD at a reasonable price. I though refuse to pay for sky sports just for football especially since I only get a 1/3 of my teams matches.

b163o13820d ago

I really don't understand why Sony or M$ don't have a EPL app, I'd pay $100 if I could watch my team for the entire season...

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