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Yaya Toure: Manchester City must win Champions League to gain others' respect

Roberto Mancini's midfield general says that the champions will not truly be a big club until they lift Europe's top prize, even if they retain their Premier League crown

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BelieveinGhosts3694d ago

Its not gonna happen. If City come up against any of these teams they will loose.

1: Barcelona
2: Real Madrid
3: Bayern Munich
4: Man United
5: Valencia
6: Borussia Dortmond
7: Juventus
8: Malaga (debatable) ( If they keep Santi Cazorla, Rondon etc)

The rest Man city can defeat

Gamer19823694d ago

Your insane City can beat any of those teams and would give a good game against R.Madrid and Barca the only 2 teams in the world right now with a better squad than city. The rest are laughable Dortmund, Valencia and Malaga especially! They are not even on the level of teams like R.Madrid, City, Barcelona and Manchester United.

Also Carzola signed for Arsenal last week.

RGB3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

Lets breakdown your retarded response;

"Your insane, City can beat any of those teams"

27th September 2011 - Champions League
Bayern Munich 2 - Manchester City 0.

22nd November 2011 - Champions League
Napoli 2 - Manchester City 1.

Failed to qualify for Champions League Knock-out stage.

8 March 2012 - Europa League
Sporting CP 1 - Manchester City 0.
Lost on away goals and eliminated from Europa League.

"Your insane, City can beat any of those teams"

Nope, Barca and Madrid would tank you with they're subs. Bayern tanked you and you only beat their B* side. United are beatable but they failed just as bad as you in Europe. Juventus have return to top flight football. As strong as Zidane's Juventus over a decade ago. Valencia and Dortmund would give you good games also. The only time you could tank now is Malaga and they'll be relegated from La Liga anyway. They've lost all their best players.

----------------------------- ------------------------------ - --------------------

"Would give a good game against Real Madrid and Barca, the only 2 teams in the world right now with a better squad than city."

As I stated above, no you wouldn't give them a good game. City are miles away from Barca and Real's best XI and 7 subs.

"The rest are laughable Dortmund, Valencia and Malaga especially!"

As stated above, no they're not, well Malaga is but for different reasons, they've sold up like Arsenal. Valencia would give you a better game than you would give Barca or Madrid any day.

As for Dortmund, they beat Bayern in the league and cup! You lost to their best side by a mile and only beat their B* side. Obviously Dortmund are worse. /s Retard!

The only laughable thing here is your opinion. None of it is based on facts, stats, experience or recent history!

RGB3693d ago

Top 4 teams to win the Champions League;

1st. FC Barcelona
2nd. Real Madrid
3rd. Bayern Munich
4th Juventus

??? Manchester United
??? Manchester City

BelieveinGhosts3693d ago

Actually i believe that Malaga will still be competitive but not as strong. Remember that they have Batista who is better than Rondon, Toulalan who was their best player last season, a replacement centre back to Mathisen and someone who can fill in for Cazorla in Midfield.