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Neymar: Did Brazilian Superstar Help or Hurt His Transfer Case in London 2012?

BR - The London Olympics wrapped up four days ago after another fantastic display of talent from around the world. One talent in particular that showed his stuff in London is future Brazilian star Neymar. At only 20 years old Neymar is already a household name amongst football fans. He has shown a knack for finishing, fantastic touch, and great vision.

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no_more_heroes3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

It wasn't just him that failed to fire in the Olympics final, the whole team did. I say he did alright overall.

buddymagoo3700d ago

I agree but you must admit in that final game he just went missing.

Nes_Daze3700d ago

Not necessarily hurt, it's understandable that he's still young and can disappear in a final, even the greatest players of today do it sometimes. However, he really needs to start showing up for the big games, and show he's worth the hype.

no_more_heroes3700d ago

Like you said, even the household names fail spectacularly in finals sometimes. All Neymar needs to do is show up in one and he'll be seen as the next football messiah for a very long time.