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Van Persie: The little boy inside me screamed 'Manchester United'

The 29 year-old Dutch striker completed his move to Old Trafford and spoke glowingly about the club's history and the opportunity to play for the side.

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no_more_heroes3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

This coming from a person who was supposedly an Arsenal fan. Ugh, I hate it when footballers open their mouths...

In other words: "I wasn't getting what I wanted out of my job at my previous company, so I decided to get it from their main rivals. You know what they say: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em."

Why can't everyone just be honest from the start instead of acting like they have any real attachment to a club? You're there to work, approach things as such.

NewMonday3568d ago

Over 10m a year doesn't hurt

buddymagoo3568d ago

I think he deserves it and more becuase he has been a quality player over the years.

Now I know of a certain few players who don't deserve this kind of money in the Blue half of Manchester and London. Especially when you go awol for 4 months or have just come to the premier league and are only 22.

doncorleone3568d ago

John Terry made him pregnant :S

SJIND3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

If the "little boy" inside was screaming for United then why the hell didn't he choose United over Arsenal in the first place?

Gamer19823568d ago

Indeed he is trying to appease utd fans which he really doesn't have to do as they glad he there or at least don't hate the fact he's there. This will just make Arsenal supporters hate him more.

The fact is he went there for money and nobody can realistically deny it. City pulled out because he was demanding too much but utd paid which actually shocked me. He is on almost the same as Rooney (40k differnce a week) for a player who has had 1 great season in 8 in the PL and only 2 seasons where he's played more than half the games for his club. Then again who else would go utd? Hazard and Lucas Moura both turned them down and other targets didn't seem interested either..

Guess utd now gotta start paying big wages to get these mercenary's. How times have changed its no longer City buying them.


Lol we actually outbid City and suddenly City fans are claiming he only joined for the money, I love it!

ProjectVulcan3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

LOL to be fair, van Persie NEVER wanted to go to you. He didn't want to go to City.

He didn't go for money, he went because Arsenal are a team obviously in decline and well short of where they were 8 years ago when he joined them (champions no less.) He went to win trophies, at 29, he can't waste anymore of his time winning nothing.

Arsenal were willing to make him their highest paid player ever, but he realised it was over.

His best option was blatantly United, less chance of being rotated, more history and tradition, less chance of being called a mercenary.

City pulled out because they simply couldn't afford him.

City pulled out because their club is full of mercenaries looking for a payday and refusing to leave like Bridge, Adebayor, Santa Cruz, Dzeko etc etc, thereby not freeing up the wage budget to bring Van Persie in. That is the first sign of that behaviour coming back to bite you on the ass.

mmj3568d ago

Absolutely nothing to do with the tripling of his wages from £70k to £235k, Man UTD were the only club left in the running to sign him he had no choice.

seanpitt233568d ago

i think he is on same wages as rooney £250k a week plus he has got a 50/50 chance of winning the premireship now.
Its a two dog race between the manchester clubs

RedDevils3568d ago

Rooney only earn around 180k with bonus/image right which would be around 220k

seanpitt233568d ago

well i know how much rooney is on a year from manchester united £12million so whatever that is a week but he will pay 2 million of that in tax.

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