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Can RvP and Rooney play together?

Mirror - "Rooney and van Persie is a galactico-style front pairing, but the gnawing question is: will it actually work in practice?"

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Gamer19823826d ago

Will be interesting to see. Rooney seemed to really gel with Welbeck last season so hes proved he can worked with another striker however he was playing behind the striker. Van Persie however seems to excel at being the lone striker and struggles to work with a partner. Look at the Euros for a perfect example of this.

Fergy will no doubt fiddle about with positions though until it clicks as he always finds a way. I doubt they will get as many goals as last season out of him though working beside a player. Mainly because you share goals. They will get more overall but they will be split.

PaPa-Slam3826d ago

I really think they'll be fine.

KingPin3826d ago

ofcoz they can play together. you can put them in a 4-4-2 formation with RVP, wellback or chicharito. have rooney be an attacking midfielder playing right behind the strikers. carrick/kagawa as the other center midfielder. have young, nani or valencia on the wings.
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