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Mancini claims Manchester United have the best strikeforce in world football

The 47-year-old has already identified Sir Alex's side as the title favourites; now he insists the addition of Van Persie means the Red Devils also possess the world's best attack

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RGB3758d ago

I don't know maybe Benzema and Higuaín.

Man United's best 3.
Rooney, Hernández Robin van Persie.
84 goals collectively in 128 games collectively in 2011-12.
65.6% goals to game. Unproven strike force together.

Real Madrid's best 3.
Benzema, Higuaín and Ronaldo.
118 goals collectively in 161 games collectively in 2011-12.
73.3% goals to game. Proven strike force together.

ProjectVulcan3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

Its debatable. However in England at least, I consider Rooney/Van Persie to just edge it individually over Aguero/Tevez. The two strikeforces probably cost about the same, if you adjust Rooney's fee for inflation.

Whether it means the actual on pitch partnership can become one of the all time greats remains to be seen. The service will make all the difference.

Mozilla893758d ago

It'll be interesting to see how Rooney and Van Persie will work out together. When we got Torres I thought his partnership with Drogba would be unstoppable and we all know how that ended...

Not saying that will be the case here but in football 1 + 1 doesn't always equal 2.