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How Arsenal Turned Into an Academy for Barcelona and Manchester Clubs

TBW - The last time I talked about Arsenal, I was quickly labeled as a hater even while I tried to buttress my points in the most logical manner. So I will just try again to talk about a club I grew up to respect.

Ever since the Emirates stadium was completed, Arsenal FC changed dramatically, from a club that once fought for titles to once that train and trade players.

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chrisarsenalsavart3692d ago

as a gooner, it hurts me but i have to agree with you. I ve just watched the first half and i realized we don,t have a team good enough to challenge for trophies.
and the worst part is we just sold our best midfielder 24 hours after loosing rvp.
This board and manager are laughing at us right now.
They claim they aiming for success but the fact is arsenal fc is only guning for profit.

crazyturkey3692d ago

So Song is gone? since he didn't play today and he wasn't injured I guess is true. Also Arsenal didn't look that bad. The Midfield look good as did the defense(At least decent). All they have to work on is on the final third with Finishing and stuff. That Will come with time so I would give them couple of more games to gel better, the new guys that is plus what ever other signings they will add.

TheBlackSmoke3692d ago

Arsenal were by no means poor, but if we want to be challenging for the title we should be comfortably beating teams like sunderland. That's the difference between us and Manchester mercenaries r'us, because those draws add up at the end of the season.

Corepred43691d ago

LOL @TheBlackSmoke. Whatever makes you feel better man. LOL! "those draws add up at the end of the season." sorry man, doesn't really sound like a winning attitude. lol

ProjectVulcan3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

Song and Van Persie. Just look at they list they add to from the past 7 years:


All sold when clubs with money and ambition came knocking. Most of them sold against the club's wishes. Arsenal sell too easily. Even Spurs manage to put up more resistance recently than Arsenal, Modric and Bale have been tied down for longer than even I thought possible.

Arsenal need to display that sort of fight for their players. Instead of always eyeing the bottom line.

If you want any reason as to why Arsenal are trophyless for 7 years, then cast your eyes over that list. The Arsenal board should really do the same and rethink their strategy if they want to compete to win titles again.