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Highlights: West Brom 3-0 Liverpool (English Premier League - 18/08/12)

1-0 Z. Gera 43'
2-0 P. Odemwingie 64'(pen)
3-0 R. Lukaku 77'

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Nes_Daze3694d ago

Oh crap... this is shocking.

ProjectVulcan3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

Not really. Not unexpected to me. But then i am a realist and NOT a Liverpool fan who maybe think things change overnight.

Biased? there is nothing to biased about here, It was another inferior Liverpool performance. Nobody can deny that.

Anyone that claims otherwise is blatantly a total idiot. Anyone that thinks the way Liverpool play and perform can be corrected within a couple weeks of preseason is a complete muppet. Come back to reality.

Is that what you think Gamer1982 as a plastic city fan? I pity you if so.

Liverpool will have to patiently wait and build like a proper club.

Gamer19823694d ago

No your just a biased utd fan who thinks every team outside utd in the prem is inferior. I agree Liverpool have not really gotten any better but they should have been strong enough to get a result at West Brom.

NewMonday3694d ago

Big Liverpool fan and I agree with Vulcanproject, was also expecting a draw or loss , the refree calls just made the score bigger.

The play was OK before the lucky goal , but the players bottled it after that and you can't comeback if you don't trust your system, they need to stop losing the plot after they go behind, MU and MC are the top teams becaus they have a strong mentality and are committed.

Fans need to set expectations low this season, let the team grow and learn

Nes_Daze3693d ago

Having to rebuild a club or not, 3-0 is still horrible for a team that played with better players. But I guess I'm just use to seeing teams beat the odds regardless.

RGB3693d ago

Good result for Liverpool, could of been more!

no_more_heroes3694d ago

Ouch...that didn't go well. It's just the first game though. I won't make any judgements on anyone untilat least five games in.

Blackdeath_6633694d ago

LOL as if five games later will make much difference.

crazyturkey3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

Really? did that just happened? Liverpool better get their act together soon because the next few games for them are tough. Goes for Arsenal too I suppose.
Also Fulham and Swansea kicked @$$ today.

Gamer19823694d ago

Been an exciting start to the premier league and as usual it never disappoints. I just hope this brings those fans back down to earth who think they will be fighting for anything more than top 4 this season. Every year I see Liverpool fans saying they gonna win the league and games like this help them see the real picture. They still need a lot of work. Unfortunately they not got the cash to do so.

silvacrest3694d ago

Wow...and I recall a Liverpool fan Said RDM would not last long after losing a meaningless game.

Well....what about rogers? First EPL match, 3-0 down to west brom?? SMH

buddymagoo3694d ago

You know it's bad when I start to feel sorry for Liverpool fans. They had Gerard, Borini, Lucas, Suarez, Allen. I wonder if Roy is smiling somewhere.

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