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Highlights: Everton 1-0 Manchester United (English Premier League - 20/08/12)

57' Fellaini (1-0)

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MaximusPrime3555d ago

Man of the match? defo not RVP lol

well played Everton

buddymagoo3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

Well we were totally outclassed today but I suppose that happens when you play 2 midfielders in defence.

Scholes the worst tackler in the world should not be playing the holding midfield and definitely not for 90m!

Anderson should have played holding midfield and Rafael should have come on for Nani so Valencia could have been pushed up.

stockmancity3555d ago

That's why the van persie trade doesn't make sense. You need help in defense and midfield today with lots of attacking talent on the bench.

ProjectVulcan3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

United weren't terrible. Everton just had a good game plan and stuck to it, and United couldn't make enough clear cut chances. Everton created good chances from their little possession, and when they scored defended well backs to wall. It worked well for them.

Everton have made a statement that they can go far this year.

I don't think it is cause for serious alarm for United, the real worry is the defensive injuries and wobbles (ALREADY!) which forced Valencia into right back, rusty Vidic right in there and Carrick as centre back. This just can't go on for long. 2 recognised defenders. United need Evans back fit, ASAP.

United are serial slow starters. They are the only club to win the title after losing their opener, which they have done twice. I'll be more worried if Fulham don't get beaten on Saturday.

You want a nice easy game to start and City were fortunate to draw Southampton at home, because anyone else would have probably beaten them playing the way they did.

United unfortunately just haven't woke up yet and Everton away is a nasty little starting game. But anyway, its only the first game. Looooooooooong way to go yet :)


Van Persie trade doesn't make sense? After what just 20mins? Let's wait till he's got a few games under his belt then we'll judge.

And anyway we had Valencia and Carrick in defence tonight and Vidic is clearly not match fit so no wonder the defending was all over the place, Everton are a good side and deserved the win.

GanjaMan3555d ago

hahahaa makin excuses already, uv probably already lost the title. and arsenal need to sign fellaini we need someone like him n i reckon he can play box to box, hes quality and has been for years good thing hes gettin the attention now.

GanjaMan3555d ago

hahahaa making excuses already, uv probably already lost the title. and fellaini's quality, has been for years good to see hes getting attention, hopefully arsenal sign him up can play box to box and hes better than song

asmith23063555d ago

Yeah I am surprised Scholes is still in the starting lineup. He should have started RVP as well. The PLs top scorer last year that you just payed 24m for should be playing. All in all though Utd didn't play bad in my opinion, Everton were just better. Fellaini and Jagielka were immense. Great start by Everton, lets hope they can keep up the pace.

NewMonday3555d ago

Should have spent that VanPersie money on Javier Martinez

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b163o13555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

Everton comes thru again, they help us win the league last season, and now the spoiled United's opener. Thanks from a CityFan


Ahh yes...

Infernostew3555d ago

They also helped us by beating you 1-0 when Gibson scored. It goes both ways.

Corepred43555d ago

helped win league vs helped us win... nothing? lol yeah that was an even comparison.

TheBlackSmoke3555d ago

£500 million helped you win the league last season.

freeduck3555d ago

Was a great match to watch but Everton deserved the win. They hit the post twice and had a couple other really good shots with good saves by De Gea. Very composed Everton

Fellaini, Jagielka, Baines are brilliant

mcstorm3555d ago

I agree if it was not for De Gea United could of lost this game by 3 or 4 goals but as ive said before De Gea is going to be a world class keeper and he showed that last he will come good for United this season.

Everton were very good last night and im not taking anything away from them but im not a worried united fan and I think Everton could finish 5th or 6th.

Anderson83555d ago

they deff deserved it.. no1 on our team wanted to shoot.. rooney looked rusty and should of come off for rvp earlier.. but its one game and we had the lions share of posession its not all doom and gloom yet.. other big teams will lose to this everton side

crazyturkey3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

Well done Everton and United toothless on this match. Fellaini bullied Vidic and Carrick All game.

stockmancity3555d ago

The best striking force in Europe can't score..haha....just talking shit. Seriously it's not a terrible loss for united. Everton is underrated and united couldn't start a full starting line up. Although it seemed van persie and young would've started. I'm surprised more clubs aren't going after Fellini cuz he's goooood.

Gamer19823555d ago

United have been buying for the wrong positions and it was there for all to see today.

ProjectVulcan3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

United haven't been buying for the wrong positions. It just takes time to settle. How was Ferguson to know he would face a crap load of defensive injuries before the season even started?

City if anything haven't bought in the right positions or even look like they will buy right.

Mancini has still been running around talking about chasing attackers like an idiot, when it is obvious his defence is dangerously thin of backup quality.

2 defensive injuries and City can kiss their title bid goodbye. Just see. Richards is out, lose Kompany again or Lescott for any length of time and you're screwed.

Teams would love to see Savic in there for any length of time or Kolarov. Your defence could cost you title this season, unless you have another near perfect injury free year

Corepred43555d ago

vulcanproject, lol. Way to deflect the attention to a whole other team man. Wow, way to flip it!

ProjectVulcan3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

Hardly deflecting attention at all, it isn't like i wrote a whole long post up there talking about this game is it?

Oh, I did. Don't talk rubbish corepred4 please.

A city fan was just accusing United of not buying in the right positions.

I merely found that laughable when Mancini is probably more guilty of that than anyone. He has 6 senior strikers and he was banging on about getting RvP? He hasn't got enough players he said?

He is supposedly chasing Jovetic when City clearly need defenders. His only signing this summer so far is Rodwell, who is worse than Barry, Milner, De jong and Toure in his position.

The cheek of a City fan saying United haven't bought in the right positions...

United have bought a striker, a midfielder, a winger and a full back. Pretty good spread IMO

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