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Neymar can be more complete than Messi and Maradona, says Pele

The legendary striker has warned there is more to come from the South American starlet, while also commenting on the way the media has changed the face of the game

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goku323593694d ago

Not this again... Yes Pele, we've heard you the first 10 times. Neymar CAN be better than Messi, but until he comes to Europe and plays against the best teams, I won't believe it.

Straightupbeastly3694d ago

Neymar will always be an exciting player to watch, most Brazilians are. However, a lot of Brazilians are also lazy and lack motivation once they've been handed a big contract.

The reason Messi and Ronaldo are so good and have been for years is because they remain hungry and passionate, and always feel like they've got something to prove. It's either in you or not, and may very well be the most important thing to reaching and remaining a world class player.