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Barcelona's Villa slapped with fine for T-shirt message in rout of Real Sociedad

The authorities have decided to punish the attacker for exposing a text in which he thanks his family for their support during his long spell on the sidelines.

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jak3y13oy3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

3000 euro fine for taking your t-shirt off... ridiculous :/

Nes_Daze3697d ago

This is so stupid, especially with the crap they let other people get away with. idiots.

Infernostew3696d ago

As dumb as this is, 3000 euros is chump's change for this dude.

Ninjamonkey823696d ago

If they don't change the rule they need to at least take in the content as to what is on a players t-shirt surely. I know they are rocking in money but it aint like hes avertising anything. He was simply giving a message to friends and family.