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Love triangle and fitness weighing down Real Madrid ace Ronaldo

El Mundo Deportivo says Ronaldo is yet to recover from Portugal's failure at the Euros, which has contributed to his dismal start to the new season. Indeed, there's claims he already feels burned out barely a week into the campaign.

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Corepred43694d ago

Poor Ronaldo and his love triangle! lmao geez so called 'problems' today! lol Didn't get to watch the game so I don't know exactly how well or not he played. Let's just hope this isn't true, I know the feeling of being burned out and it sucks.

Straightupbeastly3694d ago

He's also getting to that age where you start to feel it. He's not old but he's not in his early 20s anymore

BelieveinGhosts3694d ago

I would hate to see a bunch of money grabbers drag Ronaldo down