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Chelsea willing to go to £23.5M for Bayer Leverkusen striker Andre Schurrle

Chelsea won't take 'no' for an answer over their pursuit of Bayer Leverkusen striker Andre Schurrle.

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goku323593689d ago

I'm confused as to why Essien was chosen for the cover image on that site. Wouldn't a pic of Schurrle be more relevant?
I think if Leverkusen agree to these terms it'll be a good buy for Chelsea. Schurrle is a talented (and young) player that can help them up front. He's a good player and won't cost nearly as much as Cavani or Hulk.

jak3y13oy3689d ago

this is why we have the approval system ;) Hopefully he will change it to a picture of Schrulle!

freeduck3689d ago

Does he even play as a striker? I usually just see him on the wing, not sure if he will ever get game time since Chelsea just got Moses

stockmancity3689d ago

Schurle is way better then Moses that's for damn sure, a much better choice

Mozilla893689d ago

Still need to sign that right back!

freeduck3688d ago

I think RDM is going to make Ivanovic #1 RB, then David Luiz as backup

Straightupbeastly3689d ago

Chelsea were dumb to loan out Lukaku.

silvacrest3688d ago

he needed the play time, and he wasn't going to be the number one choice with torres and sturridge there who both have more experience

Straightupbeastly3688d ago

He is better than both of them, that was the mistake that was not seen.

silvacrest3688d ago

im not sure about that, and he still needed to prove him self