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Wayne Rooney Knocked Out Of Match With Gruesome Leg Gash

Fulham's Hugo Rodallega landed upon Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney's leg in stoppage time of Man U's 3-2 win today and sliced open Rooney's leg, forcing him to be carted off in another blow to the Red Devils' corps.

Rooney didn't even start today's match—Robin van Persie getting his first start for the squad—but the injury will likely knock him out for at least one match given the number of stitches necessary to close the gaping wound.

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crazyturkey3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

Looked pretty bad, hope is not that serious. Reminds me of the time Nani had his leg with a gash yet the ref didn't stop the game (I guess because he tends to exaggerate). He then ran from one side of the pitch to the other to show the ref and ask him to show a red card to, I believe, was a Liverpool player. As he showed the ref the gash, he realized it was actually really bad and finally dropped to the ground crying. I felt bad, but that has been one of the few occasions that I've seen a footballer get injured and laughed.

JKelloggs3682d ago

This one, pretty pathetic tbh

crazyturkey3682d ago

yeah that incident, see what I mean. He hadn't realized it was a serious injury when he went after the ref.