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Highlights: Liverpool 2-2 Manchester City (English Premier League - 26/08/2012)

(1-0) Skrtel 34'

(1-1) Yaya Toure 63'

(2-1) Suarez 66'

(2-2) Tevez 80'


The other goals links are in the Alternate Sources.
I apologize that i wasn't quick enough to put them all on before it was approved. :)

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freeduck3552d ago

Two gift goals for Man city unfortunately. Played well but didn't pay off in the end.
I hope Lucas is okay

Raheem Sterling is amazing I hope he can play more games

buddymagoo3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

Raheem Stirling looks like he will have a bright future under Rogers. Cracking little player!

Liverpool deserved the win today as Man City were under the cosh for most of the game. Only for two defensive mistakes did Man City get a result.

As for defending that's two goals a game the Man City defence is currently leaking.

NewMonday3552d ago

Skirtel is time-bomb with the passing style, he is not aware of his surroundings when he has the ball.

putting pressure on the defense will be the standard plan when teams play Liverpool, WBA did the same.

will take time fore the team to cope with it. its a high risk high reward style

ProjectVulcan3552d ago

City were seriously poor without Silva. Yet again. I said anyone but Southampton would have punished them the way they played first game, now it seems Liverpool definitely should have done but engineered their own downfall.

I will give credit to Liverpool, they looked lively. Indeed Sterling was excellent, and absolutely deserves to keep Downing out of the side. He created more and made trouble in this one game than Downing did all last season. Skinny little 17 year old thing, could be quite a player in a few years.

Liverpool can take this as a positive that they probably were disappointed with the draw.

City should be wary that they haven't managed to play well yet. Still early though.

Kopite_20203552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

Not sure I'm comfortable with you passing any judgement on Liverpool Buddymaggoo after calling us all "murderers" in another post, that's pretty low. I'd like to think you didn't mean what you said and it was in the heat of the moment. I for one will never stoop to mocking tragedy and will bring any supporter I hear making remarks about Munich in front of me up to speed.

Kopite_20203552d ago

I can't see Downing getting a look in if it means displacing Sterling especially now we've got Assaidi as an alternative. I'm intrigued to see how we're going to fit Lucas, Allen, Gerrard and Sahin into the squad, maybe Gerrard as a false striker role a la Spain in the Euros?

jak3y13oy3552d ago

Wow didnt have enough time to put all the goals on.. :L i'll put the other goals as alternate sources...

Great game! Suarez's free kick was immense!

karim3552d ago

What do you mean "you didn't have time" you either upload them all at one or you don't.

jak3y13oy3552d ago

well i put up the first goal and posted it and then went to put on the other goals on and when i did it already got approved -.-

Doesn't matter now as its been approved and i put the other goals as alliterative sources.


karim3552d ago

Sorry, but if you do it again, you're getting reported. What if other members were uploading the highlights with all the goals and you just uploaded 1 goal, because you wanted to be first to upload them? Unacceptable.

Nes_Daze3552d ago

City was playing like crap, thankfully for them Liverpool was sloppy towards the end. Props to Suarez for that goal, the way it curved itself in the net was just amazing.

imtiyaz63552d ago

This is why the Premier League is the best league on the planet, even draws can be entertaining! Chelsea's having the best start among the contenders

Kopite_20203552d ago

Looking forward to the match next weekend? I'll be in the Kop hoping your current goal scoring record stays the same (knowing my luck Santi will score a hat-trick).

imtiyaz63552d ago

Hahaha and I hope your team's obsession with hitting the post continues as well.

karim3552d ago

Awful defending by Liverpool, the 2 goals were avoidable

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