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Highlights: Getafe 2-1 Real Madrid (Spanish Primera Division - 26/08/12)

0-1 G. Higuain 27'
1-1 Valera 53'
2-1 A. Barrada 75'

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Corepred43694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

Once again Arbeloa is pure sh*t. Is our defense that lousy without pepe? Really need to wake up! Especially Ozil!

Nes_Daze3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

Impressive performance by Getafe, even if Madrid played terribly. Barca also barely slipped by Osasuna, goes to show how underrated these other teams can be. They can beat teams that have arguably the best players in the world.

RGB3694d ago

Just proves how competitive La Liga is.

buddymagoo3694d ago

Empty stadiums is shocking though!

RGB3694d ago

What do you expect?

1st. Getafe is the 3rd team in Madrid if not.
2nd. They advertise with nude girls to gain fans in a family sport.
3rd. They have 18,000 stadium capacity but average 10,000 fans a match per season. Last year's Getafe Vs. Real game only had 12,000 fans.

4th. What doncorleone said.

RGB3694d ago

Mourinho has slammed his team in the press conference after.

I love how I get a disagree for my comment. It does show how competitive is the league is. When a team that beat Barca by 9 pts last season can lose against a much weaker team on paper, it shows the quality in the league, even if Getafe played a lackluster Madrid.

jak3y13oy3694d ago

Well all teams are gonna play to win, they shouldn't be a professional team if they only wanted to play football matches and not care about the result :)

RGB3694d ago

You'd think that but some teams play damage control. They'll park the bus to stop mass goal sprees.

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