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Pulis - Arsenal row uncontrollable

Tony Pulis is not losing any sleep over the rivalry between his Stoke City side and Arsenal because he doubts he can do anything to affect the animosity.

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no_more_heroes3557d ago

The tackle that broke Ramsey's leg was unnecessary and reckless. That's what I have a problem with. VERY rarely do/should you need to jump hard into a tackle like that, but for Stoke it's a pillar upon which their style of play is based.

I fear for Eden Hazard when he has to play against Stoke. I preemptively forgive him for any dive he commits in that match. ;)

P.S. - Let me just make one thing ABSOLUTELY clear, there is a difference between a graceful, expertly executed slide tackle and Stoke's tackles (Shawcross on Ramsey, Wilkinson on Vermaelen on 64' minutes yesterday).

Anderson83556d ago

if pulis had come out and apologised for the tackle and said it was excessive but accidental i think the animosity wouldn't be as bad but he chose to defend his player when he was clearly in the wrong and every time theyve done something similar since so he is to blame