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Gargano: As a kid I always played as Inter on the PlayStation, and I always played against Juventus

The Uruguayan midfielder admits he has realised a dream by moving to the Giuseppe Meazza, and expects his new team to challenge the Old Lady for the Serie A title.

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no_more_heroes3689d ago

Ok, so apparently it's not uncommon for Uruguayans to use FIFA/PES to form allegiances and determine their career path...

jak3y13oy3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

Indeed, i was just thinking that :L

In fact, im gonna play as Barcelona on the Playstation and always play Real Madrid and then I will play for Barca in the next 4 years ;)

Anderson83688d ago

ive been playin as united for yrs so i expect a call from fergie pretty soon

dcortz20273689d ago

PlayStation for the win!

Corepred43688d ago

Than Juventus?? lmao or are you talking about on the playstation. either way, lmao!