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Manchester United Champions League Draw Special

Manchester United will discover the identities of their Champions League opponents on Thursday when the draw for this season’s group stage takes place in Monaco (16:45 BST).

Manchester United can only face team in Pot 2,3,4 and cannot play city because same country..

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buddymagoo3687d ago

We always end up travelling far. I would love a few western Europe teams for once.

Easy group on paper but that means we expect to win and look what happened when that happened last year.

zeddy3687d ago

i've watched braga in the europa league and they are the most boring, dullest team out there but they are also stubborn.

ProjectVulcan3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

Last year the group was 'easy' and it was really, United just made a total hash of it. The home games were retarded, that was really were the cockups happened. 2 home draws was ridiculous.

I don't see it happening again. It won't be allowed this time. United to go safely through as group winners, comfortably.

AcceptedWalnut3687d ago

Do western european stadiums look better on your TV?

As per usual, Utd given a piss easy group. would love you's to fuck it up again lol

buddymagoo3686d ago

Moron, I suppose you wouldn't understand problematic journey times since you never leave your cave.