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Man City, Real in toughest group

Manchester City will face Real Madrid for the first time in a competitive match after being drawn against Jose Mourinho's side in the Champions League group stage Thursday.

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imtiyaz63551d ago

What a group! The best I've seen in recent years!

ProjectVulcan3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

Madrid are obviously faves but Dortmund are a real classy outfit. They have a lovely defence, with Hummels as their lynchpin. They held onto him, which was crucial as he is top drawer.

Last year they couldn't make it happen in europe, but i vote them to do a lot better this time out having learnt and grown with their league victory and that IMMENSE German cup trouncing of Bayern.

Gotze and Lewandowski can make things happen for them, they'll be dangerous. The pole was devastating up front last season, if he can do that again even Madrid will find them tough going.

RGB3551d ago

Good group on paper but Madrid should be able to walk into the knock-out phase. 12 goals to nil against Ajax in the last two years. Madrid have built their squad were as Ajax have sold their best players.

Dortmund's Champions League run wasn't anything to shout about. Again Madrid should fine these fixtures rather easy.

City will obviously be the "Real" challenge ( pun intended :D ). Although City have been hopeless in both European competitions.

I'd say Real could get 14 or 16 out of 18 pts.

HxCGamer3550d ago

I'm only worried because facing such teams is gonna exhaust the players for the actual league...

zeddy3551d ago

shame psg just missed out on this group otherwise it would have been perfect. hard group but city and real to go through.

ProjectVulcan3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

PSG or you mean Juventus from that pot. Juventus would have been better, but the group is good. Ajax are a good side.

I said I felt City would struggle again. They can get out that group but its gonna require some really class away performances, all those away games are gonna be difficult.

You need to beat teams at home, and get draws away. City can do it but it will be even harder than last year for them.

Problem is, City play Madrid away first game and dortmund play ajax at home. It could set the tone early on. If they get beaten there in the first game and Dortmund win, its uphill from there.

Straightupbeastly3551d ago

Dortmund and Madrid go through. City gets screwed again in a tough group with superior outfits

b163o13551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

I think City can survive this group, Real obviously being the favorite. We have the weapons to make it, just our defensive depth that concerns me, and everyone one in every league is keeping one eye in us so we'll rise to the occasion.


krazykombatant3551d ago

Great group should be interesting to watch!

MaximusPrime3551d ago


Man city in group of death

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