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Highlights: Chelsea 1-4 Atletico Madrid (UEFA Super Cup - 31/08/12)

0-1 R. Falcao 6'
0-2 R. Falcao 19'
0-3 R. Falcao 45'
0-4 Miranda 60'
1-4 G. Cahill 74'

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no_more_heroes3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

Well, that was different to their last meeting...

Expect Abramovich to make a huge last minute bid for him today. ;)

goku323593686d ago

I expect quite a few bids to be made for him, considering its the last day and his recent performances (2 hat tricks in 2 games!!)

goku323593686d ago

Chelsea's defense was piss poor on this occasion, and Atletico's attack was fantastic. It's apparent how bad terry was needed. Luiz is too inconsistent, I swear I go through a mini heart attack every time he goes for a tackle.

Atletico played a great game and got a well deserved win. Falcao is sooo good!

imtiyaz63686d ago

Ouch! Attacking style just does not suit Chelsea atm. They should have parked the bus when the game started.

silvacrest3686d ago

we should applaud chelsea for wanting to play a more entertaining style of football, it wont always work but arsenal fans no that all to well

and with the recent exodus of your best players.....

imtiyaz63686d ago

Hey man, I didn't mean to offend anyone. What I meant was, Chelsea made a mistake of experimenting in an important match. The new players need time to gel. They won't just click and start playing attractive football. Until that happens, why not play the style most suitable for the team? It's the same reason why we got thrashed by United. Wenger got too optimistic and fielded many young inexperienced players.

silvacrest3686d ago

okay, fair enough, i thought you were just trolling, but i do agree

@buddymagoo, 100 mil spent? i would love to see something to back that up

buddymagoo3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

I'll back up what I say.

Marko Marin 8million
Oscar 32million
Eden Hazard 40million
Thorgan Hazard undisclosed
Cesar Azpilicueta 9million
Victor Moses 11.3million


NewMonday3685d ago

would love to have 100m

our season is going downhill because we were 2m short

buddymagoo3686d ago

5th team in Spain beats the 6th team in England to be expected, although 4-1 is a little embarrassing.

goku323593686d ago

As we clearly saw last year, ranking in the league does not show how they'll perform in Europe. City and United were the best in The EPL, yet city and united played like crap in Europe. Chelsea were 6th in England and they were champions of Europe

Mozilla893686d ago

Stop it, you're using logic.

buddymagoo3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

Did Chelsea not just spend 100m? Hazard looks great against the poor teams but went missing again today against a decent side.

In football you are only as good as your last result.

silvacrest3686d ago

please stop with that bullsh!t, should we use united's early exist from the champions league and europa league as a metric for how good they are?

no you say?

because that would be stupid?

lugia 40003686d ago

And Manchester United on the Champions league got beat by Basel... your point?

buddymagoo3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

Who's talking about United, strange man. Chelsea were playing tonight and you bring up a game from 9 months ago???

Well back in 1953 Chelsea got beat by Wolves 8-1!! You see how crazy this sounds?!

ozzywazzy3686d ago

Also, Man Utd got knocked out in the group stages of the Champions League and lost the PL title. They pulled a weak group this year.. Oh wait, they got knocked out in a weak group last year...

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silvacrest3686d ago

Falcao was godlike in that match and chelseas defence was pathetic, i noticed straight away that terry was absent

if roman could snatch Falcao or even hulk in the last minute i would feel reassured....

The_Devil_Hunter3686d ago

Falcao is sooo good but i must confess everytime i see him, since he played at Rver Plate and Porto i have grown a huge dislike for him. Idk why theres just something about him thats disgustes me. I know this isnt right for me to say but i cant help feel this way.

Its awkward really. Nevertheless, he really good and btw Chelseas defense was sooooooo bad. David Luiz needed to go away. He was awful.

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The story is too old to be commented.