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Chelsea are ready to splash £48m on Falcao after he tore them apart

Radamel Falcao, the Colombia striker whose hat-trick shot down Chelsea in the European Super Cup, may join the London club in January.

Reports in South America last night said a pre-agreement between Falcao's team Atletico Madrid and Chelsea has been struck in a deal expected to be worth at least £48million.

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karim3550d ago

Even though it's unlikely, the things I'd do if we signed him would be unreal

jak3y13oy3550d ago

Dont think he would want to go to a team he can single-handily beat :L

Falcao is an amazing player and chelsea last season did miss out!

karim3550d ago

Why would he join the European Champions? You know, trophies, world class players. And before you mock me because Athletico and Falcao humiliated us and that Falcao is winning trophies with Athletico, I'm pretty sure Falcao would love to win major trophies like the EPL and the CL, something Athletico won't achieve anytime soon

jak3y13oy3550d ago

Haha :L im only yoking buddy! Im sure he would consider a move to Chelsea as well as other big name clubs!

If you continues his form to the January Transfer market im sure a lot of clubs will try and get him including chelsea!

mafiahajeri3550d ago

Chelsea wo t wo. The cl anytime soon last year was a 1 in a million fluke!

ScytheX33550d ago

agree, i mean really chelsea has a history of winning the champions league on various occasions. and common their striker torres is on fire right now, didnt he get nominated for uefa player of the year?, unfortunately losing to iniesta =( better luck next year fernando =/ anyways im sure radamel would love to join chelsea considering their illustrious history and players =) chelsea for team of the year![yeah the fuck right]

karim3550d ago

@ScytheX3 Oh, you're right, why would he join a team that has no history at all (15 trophies pre Roman era) and a team that is winning trophies, I'm sure he's rather Liverpool, because you know, they have an amazing history. Idiot

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karim3550d ago

Smartest thing for a club who's interested in him to do is to sign a pre agreement, I can only imagine his transfer fee rising with that form of his!

jak3y13oy3550d ago

Most likely to be chelsea or bayern munich?

karim3550d ago

Probably those two, if reports are true

silvacrest3550d ago

damn, im a chelsea fan but him thrashing us was probably the best thing for his career and chelsea in the long run

Yokan3550d ago

If Falcao goes to chelsea, i hope i hope i hope they use two forwards, imagine Torres and Falcao together JaW Drops!!!!!!

goku323593550d ago

El Nino and El Tigre!? Dream come true

ScytheX33550d ago

who the fuck is el Nino? i had an uncle named nino who died a few years ago... mean him? though he wasnt a footballer.... =(

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