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Guti slams Jose Mourinho over Granero and Essien deals

The retired Real Madrid midfielder has criticised the Portuguese coach, questioning the decision to swap Esteban Granero for Michael Essien

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karim3740d ago

I disagree, a fully fit Essien is one of the greatest midfielders in the planet, shame injuries ravaged him

jak3y13oy3740d ago

Essien is a top player, and it is a shame about his injuries!

sdtarm3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

its not about injuries, its about changing the philosophy of the team and trusting more in the players coming from real madrid's youth academy system.

Unlike barcelona, money is what keeps this club afloat as one of europe's powerhouses and as long as barcelona's youth academy keeps improving and getting chances spain's national team will be the one to benefit while real madrid will just turn into an international club with no identity, and thats the main difference between the two clubs right now.

Spaniards obviously madrid fans wont like this because of their feeling of pride and stubbornness and mourinho being Portuguese doesnt give a fuck about this so real madrid is not going anywhere. selling granero and bringing a 30-year old for one year instead its obviously not the solution, specially when granero has been the best thing coming from their academy from a while ago

Anderson83740d ago

this always happens when you have a foreign manager..

Dark113740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

"madrid fans wont like this because of their feeling of pride"

Well , they need to deal with it , because mourinho has bring the club back to it is glory days.

Corepred43740d ago

@dark11... Way to take the out of context.

krazykombatant3739d ago

hahaha cuz barca doesn't use money to try and stay competitive either huh? Last I checked you bought fabregas and villa among others.

sdtarm3739d ago

obviously as you said to stay competitive, not to exist in the football environment, most of their players are also la masia graduates who they never thought would become so successful, that mistake they look not to repeat again

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