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Hazard: Chelsea set to recover

Eden Hazard insists Chelsea are ready to bounce back from their 4-1 defeat to Atletico Madrid in Monaco on Friday night.

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karim3685d ago

Really hope we do, that match was insanely painful to watch

goku323593684d ago

It was a wake up call. We'll go in to games more cautiously, that's for sure.

Then again, it's not every day we go up against a striker of Falcao's calibre.

karim3684d ago

Definitely, less cocky too. Our defence was awful, hopefully Di Matteo will sort it out

goku323593684d ago


John Terry is like the glue that keeps the defense intact. There's also a serious lack of organization in there without Terry.

Luiz also likes to make runs up the pitch a lot. Against weaker teams it may help out a bit, but against Atletico, it just doesn't work. We were always caught on the counter against them, and it also doesn't help when there's big gaps in the defense...

Yokan3683d ago

I have been getting tired of hearing this praise for El Tigre,yes hes good alright but come on it was thanks to Chelseas horrible defence play. For god sakes my grandmother could've penetrared that defense. David Luiz made toooo many mistakes.